Paterson: OK furloughs

This post is based on this blog post:

which quotes from this article:

The line: “Paterson also asked the Legislature to work five-day weeks”

Really? He asked them too? What the hell else do they do? I work 5-day weeks and I wasn’t asked nicely…anyway…

The thing really getting my ire up, is the proposal itself, the “Furlough” as it’s being called. It really is just the Voluntary Work Reduction, made Involuntary and forced upon those who don’t want it.

My Story: A few months ago, there was an email going around my office that we were potentially being offered a severance package and Voluntary Work Reduction. I applied for both. I went so far as to fill out a proposed schedule for the Voluntary Work Reduction (just for those who may not know: the Voluntary Work Reduction is a program whereby a State Employee may take time off in exchange for a reduction in pay).

Please keep in mind, I deeply detest my job. Why I hate my job is not important to this conversation, but suffice it to say that acceptance to either option would have made my life a lot happier.

I was denied for either option. For the severance package, I was told (via email) that my office could not eliminate my position at this time. For the Voluntary Work Reduction I was told that the Attorney General’s Office was not participating in this program, due to our being an income-garnering agency.

These were not instant decisions, this was after months of waiting and hoping. They were both epic disappointments, and I was deeply hurt, especially by the Voluntary Work Reduction, as I had gotten so far into the process only to be denied by a curt, brief email.

My point? If you’re not going to grant Voluntary Work Reduction to the people who want it, the people who would greatly benefit from it, then, please excuse my French, Fuck your Furlough. Although my story sounds like the ranting of a angsty post-adolescent (and I can’t argue that it isn’t, at least in part), I can assure you I am not alone as a person who would gladly take the Voluntary Work Reduction. There are people going to school, mothers with young kids, people who would like to have a second job, pursue a hobby, or start a business.

So I say to Patterson, and the other “decision makers,” when you tried to ask us nicely, as you so kindly asked the legislators to work a five day week, then wrenched the choices and decisions from our hands; unless you allow us to make the concessions we are willing to make, you have no right taking more than we are willing to give. We, the employees of this State, give so much, and some are willing to give more, but you would rather flex your muscle and show that you can take, take, take from whoever, whenever.

I wanted to end this rant with hope, but I have none…


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