so when I touch the ocean, I am touching everything

-At Bear Skin Neck, Rockport Mass.

the water was cold...

I don’t need a tropical beach, give me the hot sand and cool water in a Massachusetts summer, around about Rockport and Gloucester. Give me frigid water and fresh seafood. Oh yeah…that’s where I wanna be…

One time, I went swimming in the ocean, in October (at Bear Skin Neck in Rockport, Mass). It was the October of…2007 I believe. It was unseasonably hot out, but don’t tell the ocean that. It was cold like plunging into a pint of ice cream. Afterwards I got a headache, and had to go back to the hotel and lay down. It was awesome.

I love the ocean, anytime I see it. I have been to the coast where it is just piles and piles of huge boulders (Halibut Point State Park, Mass). I jumped from rock to rock, peering into the tide pools in search of little squirmy things.

New Jersey Horizon

New Jersey on my 25th Birthday

I’ve been on the beach where it is so overcrowded with tourists that getting a spot was difficult (the shore in New Jersey). I swam in the waves and tumbled in the surf. We walked the boardwalk and got tired. We finally went back to the house smelling of salt and sunblock, dripping sand.

I’ve never been to the ocean on the west coast, but I would like to make it there someday, both the sunny beaches of California and the fascinating wilderness of Alaska.

I love the ocean towns in Massachusetts, especially Bear Skin Neck in Rockport (didya know…they filmed part of the movie “The Proposal” there?) I love the little houses, the salty smell of the seawater, the changes of the tides, and the constant sound of the ocean.

Whenever I see the ocean I have to get into the water. I cannot just look at it. It feels like connection to everything, to think that when I touch the water, I’m touching water that is touching every other coastline on every other continent…it’s a cosmic connection to everything, everything needs water, and all water cycles, all water, from the water in a can of diet pepsi, to the water in a fish tank, to the water in the wine in a communion glass, all of it has been in the ocean at one point

…so when I touch the ocean, I am touching everything…


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