Can’t Have Your Cake (Poem)

I’m in love,
Constantly in love with the woman
That you enabled me to be.

The impulsive, sexy one.
Not the mother to a parable of a son;
But, partnered to a man I considered a god
Thou shall not
(but I did)

You’re setting feminism back with your smile again;
If I have a Lolita complex,
You’re my old man
My deviation.
Maybe that was the problem that is.

Only nine hundred days or so
And everyone hated you
Everyone hated you
I say with that smile, that you know
Means, not me
Not really
Not even yet—

I should,
Hate you,
You made me crave what I can’t have
I crave cake where there’s only bread
Good, hearty bread is set before me
But I want cake,
Heavy with frosting and lasciviousness
Sweet in the way that I know,
You know,
Will make me sick later
But I
Help myself.

Help yourself
To a piece of cake
Just a taste
Just a taste
Just one taste;
And how will I ever eat anything else
With contentment
Ever, ever, again?


~ by fayeelizibeth on 06.24.2010.

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