It Begins…

i think the best place to put this is here…i don’t really want to post it on facebook, although anyone who sees my facebook can click through to here, but i know putting up this link will prevent many from bothering to see it, so i feel ok about that…add that to the fact that those who have read this blog have been very supportive, so i feel safe enough that only those interested will read this…anyway…this is just a quickly-typed thing, so please forgive any errors or typos…

me and Zak started couples therapy last month.

i started therapy for depression last week.

i started an anti-depressant TODAY (welbutrin, which my psyc chose for its often mild-to-no side effects- i was especially concerned with weight gain and affect on sex drive, and she said she rarely-if-ever saw either on this particular drug).

my doctors (both the therapist and the psyc) recommended the pharmaceutical because of the long-standing nature of my depression.

so…that’s where i’m at…

i am very (very, very) cautiously optimistic…if you’ve read my previous posts on this topic then you know how apprehensive i was/am about this course of action- i still am- and the biggest reason is still the same: i am afraid that i will somehow loose part of myself in getting better.

but i took the medication, i will take it tomorrow, and i will go to my appointments. if i hate it, i can stop; or maybe i’ll actually figure out ‘happy’ which has eluded me for so long.

only time will tell.


~ by fayeelizibeth on 11.11.2010.

3 Responses to “It Begins…”

  1. Good for you! Wellbutrin is VERY mild, though, so it doesn’t really help severe depression. My ex Joseph’s doc just switched him to Zoloft. Don’t panic if you feel a little weird, or have odd dreams, or anything – your brain chemicals are shifting around, you’ll be fine.

    They aren’t “happy pills”, but I just got back on mine after being off of them for a few months (stupid no health insurance). I really felt the difference. It’s also making the sad situation I’m going through easier to handle … I’m not paralyzed by it. I’m still getting stuff done besides “Plants Vs Zombies”.

    Fingers crossed for you!

    • Thank you!
      I really value your attention and support. even though we’ve never met in real life, i feel like you get this situation in a way that many people i see day-to-day don’t, so i just want to say thank you again for your response.

  2. hey i’ve been there. many times. I’ve been on multiple medicines at different points in my life. I’ve also invested in natural light light bulbs and have done every type of therapy. It all helps, it all allows you breathing room. I’m a firm believer in sharing your journey with people because most either don’t get it but care about you, or you find people who do get it and you can talk to them about it. it’s a journey and it’s work, but you are worth it lady.

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