so when I touch the ocean, I am touching everything

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-At Bear Skin Neck, Rockport Mass.

the water was cold...

I don’t need a tropical beach, give me the hot sand and cool water in a Massachusetts summer, around about Rockport and Gloucester. Give me frigid water and fresh seafood. Oh yeah…that’s where I wanna be… Continue reading ‘so when I touch the ocean, I am touching everything’


Depression Musing, I

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Watching other people laugh, that hurts the most.

Wearing my headphones and listening to songs from back when I was happy, watching them talk and laugh and be normal. Continue reading ‘Depression Musing, I’

Paterson: OK furloughs

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This post is based on this blog post:

which quotes from this article:

The line: “Paterson also asked the Legislature to work five-day weeks”

Really? He asked them too? What the hell else do they do? I work 5-day weeks and I wasn’t asked nicely…anyway… Continue reading ‘Paterson: OK furloughs’

Bus-Ride Affirmation, I

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This morning I was late to the bus. I almost didn’t make it. I got to the bus stop as my bus pulled away and ran the last fifty feet in my walmart-brand skate shoes and tapped on the door. Thank god the bus driver let me on (they’re not really supposed to open the door when they’re not at marked bus-stops). I got on. I said “sorry,” I said “thank you.” The bus driver smiled. I put two dollars in the machine, and it spit out a fifty cent change card. The red light turned to green and I started back to an open seat. Continue reading ‘Bus-Ride Affirmation, I’